Thirty years ago, when I was looking for what I want to do with my life, I discovered photography. Thanks to a teacher that saw the passion in me, I found my way into photography school, and the path of my life's work. After receiving a degree in photography, my career began in editorial and photojournalism work, taking me across the world, working for some of the largest and best-known media outlets, doing an incredible variety of assignments. My life has been full of excitement and adventure, all while honing my craft. (You can see some of that work by visiting

After several years working at newspapers, it was time to begin my freelance journey. More editorial work ensued and the tree of freelance work slowly branched out into various other avenues; set stills, corporate portraits & events, family portraits and events. 

As I built a family of my own, I found that it was a natural move into documenting the families around me. It was a perfect fit in my life and my art. I know how important photography is to me, and how the photos of my past and my ancestors are here to remind me and teach my children.  Plus, as I watch my kids grow up, they change so quickly. We all change, and the photographs hold that place in our lives for us. They bring us back and remind us. Such as the photographs of the generations before.

There is true love in these images.  I love sharing my documentarian art of photography with you and your families.  I love knowing that the photographs I provide for you and your families, will live on and be a part of  your history, while bringing beauty into your lives now.