All sessions include an online viewing gallery.  Please note: The photos in the gallery are for viewing and selecting your chosen images only and not for downloading purposes, unless your package states otherwise.  You are only able to download all your photos if you choose a session that includes all of the files as an option or if you purchase that at a later time. 

Additional expenses may apply for parking, permits, etc. Further distances may include other additional travel expenses, as necessary.  Please find your type of photography session for pricing details. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

*Personal Portrait Session (private use only):  

-Group Mini (requires 5 people signed up consecutively for same day/ same location):  $85:  Includes 15 min and 3 photo files  (A mini session used for business purposes is $100 instead of $85, and can be scheduled along with private mini's, as long as the 5 minimum is met. I do also allow for more than one session to be scheduled by one family.)

-Indy Lite:  $275:   Includes 6 toned, high-resolution files.  Plus you get to view your session from a password protected viewing gallery, from which to make your selections. 

-Standard:  $365:  Includes 12 toned, high-resolution files. Plus you get to view your session from a password protected viewing gallery, from which to make your selections. 

-All-inclusive:  $495:  Includes ALL of the photos from your session as high resolution files, as  you see them in your gallery, plus you get to select 12 of your favorites to receive additional toning.

* Additional $50 per extra nearby location.  Charges may be higher if the location is further than 10 miles.

It is important to note:   The only package that comes with all the images included is the all-inclusive collection ($495).  Otherwise, the other sessions will only come with the toned, high-resolution files connected to the collection selected. The all-inclusive includes the whole collection from the gallery (as you see them in the gallery) plus 12 favorites with extra toning.  All collections will get a link to a viewing gallery, but images are for viewing only, so you can make your selects.  Only the all-inclusive gallery includes the ability to download all of your images.  Extra images can be ordered later from the smaller packages, but the discounts no longer apply.


*Business Portrait Session:  includes business license to 3 files

1 person:  $425  

2 - 4 people: $350 per person

5-7 people:  $295 per person

8-10 people:  $225 per person

11+ people:  $195 per person

*Weddings and other family events:  

-$200 hour.   Includes coverage of the event, editing, archiving and basic post-processing of photos, online galleries, downloads to all edited large-resolution photos. 

-Additional photographer:  $125 hr.

-Videographer: $200 hr.  Includes coverage as well as edited piece. 

-Slideshow at reception: $500.

(Examples:  2 hr: $400,  4 hr:  $800, 6 hr: $1200, 8 hr: $1600, 10 hr: $2000)

*Birthday parties:  

$200 hr, online proofing gallery and where you can download your party photos.

*Family Storytelling Session & Grandparent sessions:  documentary photojournalism

Family Mini session:  $350  2 hours and approximately 30-40 photos

Half-Day $600  4 hours and approximately 60-80 photos

Full day  $1000  8-10 hours  and approximately 100-150 photos

*Architecture/ Real Estate Photography: 

$250:  Standard home - up to 2000sf and up to 20 photos.

$450: High-end home - up to 10,000sf and up to 30 photos.

$250:  Standard home - up to 2000 sf - video coverage

$450: High-end home - up to 10,000sf - video coverage.

Agent portrait at the same time as any session:  $75 extra. Includes 3 toned, high resolution photos.

$600: Commercial/Hotel Real Estate:  Exteriors, lobby, up to 3 rooms. 

$150 for each additional room. 

Corporate events:  Stills or video. 

1/2 day coverage - 4 hours:  $800

Full day coverage - 8 hours: $1600

Post-processing $75 hour

Rush Fee:  $150 same-day, $75 the next day.  Standard turn around 2-3 business days.

Plus expenses:  Mileage, parking, tolls, as necessary.