Custom mini photography session - Only $75!  (for private portraits.   $95 for business portraits)
*A 15-minute session
*A private, password protected viewing gallery for viewing and selecting your included images.
*Your included images:   3 of your favorite toned-up, high-resolution photo files! 

If you absolutely love the session and you want more photo files...  you are welcome to order more!   Ala carte files are $25 each.  Collections of 5 for $105, 10 for $190 or 20 for $325.  All of these options include additional toning, such as wrinkle reduction, blemish/scratch removal, digital dieting, and other fine-tuning of the image.  You can also opt to unlock your gallery and have access to ALL of your session files, with the toning as you see it in the gallery, also for $325.

Additionally, you can do all your holiday shopping from the convenience of your cart.  Custom holiday cards, prints, canvases and other specialty photographic gifts and products are all available.  


2022 Mini Session Dates!    

Nothing scheduled at the moment, but I'm always happy to schedule one.  I just need 5 families to get it going. Do you have other friends interested?  Let's get everyone together.   You are welcome to post on community boards and help find the rest of the group.  

I require 5 families to sign up for a mini-session to take place, so some of these dates may be canceled or merged into other sessions if there isn't enough interest for that date. I want to make the dates available to you and we can hone them in.  I am taking reservations now, so sign up and claim the date and time you want!  Feel free to spread the word! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, fellow parents, classmates, friends on Facebook, friends you haven't met yet, etc.

These dates are preliminary and will be honed as spots fill up. Locations are TBD and when you are the first to sign up, you get to help set the stage for the day.  So don't wait!   If the spots don't fill, some may be cancelled.  As people are interested, the dates will solidify.  If you want to request a specific day, I'll do my best to accommodate.  If you have friends or family also interested, that makes scheduling a new date easier.  I am always happy to add a new date, as long as there is interest.  Regular sessions and gift certificates are also available!   Visit again for updates on times and locations. First to sign up help determine locations. 

I look forward to seeing so many of you again!   Email, call, text, message me, get in touch!